Monday, November 3, 2014

Obamacare Could Face Large Numbers of Dropouts

Obamacare Could Face Large Numbers of Dropouts

More than half the people who enrolled in Obamacare last year don’t plan to sign up again—and that’s bad news for the president’s  health care law.  A new Bankrate survey reveals that 53 percent of current ...The Fiscal Times

My Comment: I could have told you that. With deductibles as high as $6500 the low income will do what they have done for a long time and use the emergency room as their primary source of  health care. I have worked with poor people most of my life. With no assets to loose, they do not need to be protected from catastrophic expense.  If they run up hospital and doctor bills in the thousands and their wages are eventually garnished they will simply file bankruptcy. Unlike people with assets, a bankruptcy is not as devastating to people with no assets. Also, I never did think the low income would forgo the purchase of a sports starter jacket or cable TV to pay an insurance premium.  The desire for immediate gratification and lack of discipline and poor decision making is part of the reason they are poor to begin with. 

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