Monday, November 17, 2014

Say it Loud; Black, GOP, and Proud

Race hustlers and limousine liberals go ballistic when Blacks start wondering off the liberal plantation. Despite fifty years of Democrat political loyalty and millions of spending by the government to subsidizing poverty, the state of Black America is pretty dismal.  Not many, but some Black Americans are starting to question the wisdom of staying loyal to the Democrat party.  On some issues such as education reform and abortion, some Blacks are realizing they are more aligned with Republicans than Democrats. And some Blacks are beginning to realize that they fare better under free enterprise than hand-outs and quotas.

The Civil Rights establishment and race hustlers do not celebrate achievements by Black Republicans. Clarence Thomas, Condoleezza Rice, or Colin Powell are denounced as "tokens" or Uncle Tom's or not authentically Black. This year their were some historic firsts: Mia Love became the first Black female Republican elected to the House, Tim Scott became the first Black Republican from the South elected to the Senate since Reconstruction, and Will Hurd the first Republican Black man from Texas elected to the House since Reconstruction.

In response to these achievements, the Civil Rights establishment and race hustlers have expressed revulsion and contempt rather than celebration. In this article Black Democrat political analyst Juan Williams examines this: Williams: Say it loud: Black, GOP and proud.

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