Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Special Joint Meeting of Metro Council Committees to discuss regs for non-taxi livery (Uber, Lyft)

This is the Special Joint Meeting of the Metro Nashville Council Budget & Finance Committee and the Traffic and Parking Committee on November 17, 2014 for the purpose of discussing ORDINANCE NO. BL2014-952. The city of Nashville and the Metro Council have had a very dismal record in regard to alternative forms of transportation. Initially when a innovation appeared in Nashville with a new business model that offered improved service and lower prices, the city did all it could to drive them out of business. Early this year the city reversed itself and made it possible for phone app dispatched ride-share services like Lyft and Uber to operate in Nashville.  I still to not trust the Council to do the right thing however.  Instead of being motivated by any commitment to free markets and capitalism, the council made a pragmatic decision to allow a service the tourism sector needed and wanted.

I hope someone is watching the Council like a hawk.  A friend of mine in the Black Car business, who was previously a victim of the Council's crony capitalism and price-fixing, tells me ORDINANCE NO. BL2014-952 only imposes reasonable regulations and will not drive alternative forms of livery service out of business. I have simply not had time to study this 34 page bill.  I wish someone could give me a one-page synopsis of the bill. I have not yet watched this meeting, but hope to before the day is out. I am posting it so that if anyone has an interest in the topic, either a financial interest as a provider of ride-share service or an advocate of free enterprise, they can be informed and attempt to influence the Council, should the Council again try to do something detrimental to free markets and transportation innovation.

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