Friday, November 7, 2014

The Nashville Area ETF listed as #1 in year-to-date returns as of October 31st, 2014 out of 804 ETFs & mutual funds

Nashville is not only the "it" city for food and music and best choice for corporate relocation and most people employed in the arts and about every list that comes out, but "Nashville Area ETF" is the number one exchange-traded fund (ETF) in the nation. Nashville is the nation's first city-based exchange traded fund.

The following is from an email from Nashville ETF:

NASHVILLE, Tenn.— In data published by the Wall Street Journal on November 4, 2014, Lipper, a global leader in supplying mutual fund information and fund ratings, fund analytical tools and fund commentary, identified the Nashville Area ETF (NYSE: NASH), the nation's first city-based exchange traded fund, as the #1 fund in year-to-date return on investment out of 804 ETFs & mutual funds the company identifies as small-cap core.
Using performance data as of 10/31, Lipper’s top ten small-cap core list shows:
  • The Nashville Area ETF had realized a 12.78% NAV return year-to-date, while the next highest fund had returned 9.88% year-to-date, 2.80 points behind NASH
  • Of the funds listed in the top ten, the Nashville Area ETF had also realized the best one-year NAV return at 20.37% out of 784 funds
This is a direct reflection of the excellent Nashville companies which drive and are supported by our strong economy," said William S. Decker, of LocalShares, Inc., the company behind the Nashville Area ETF.
"Certain U.S. regions provide strong economic opportunity for the companies based there, which is why corporate relocation to these markets has historically continued to climb. Nashville is one such economy benefiting from the markedly low taxes of the state of Tennessee and other attributes. We are pleased with the performance of the fund, which we believe exhibits both the vitality of this specific economy and the fact that geographic eco-systems like Nashville can add competitive value to companies based there."

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