Friday, December 12, 2014

Latinos for Tennessee Condemns Obama's Executive Order, Supports "The Red Card Solution"

Press Release, Nashville, TN - Latinos for Tennessee announced today its strong opposition to President Obama's unilateral Executive Order granting deportation protections to undocumented immigrants, while also announcing the organization's support for "The Red Card Solution" as a viable means for achieving real immigration reform.

While Latinos for Tennessee supports immigration reform, it objects to President Obama's unconstitutional approach of legislating by executive order. "We are very concerned that this overreach is a politically motivated step that only serves to further divide our nation and ultimately hurt our Latino community," stated Raul Lopez, the Executive Director of Latinos for Tennessee. "After all, when the Democrats controlled the Senate and the House, they were in a position to formulate comprehensive and legal immigration legislation, yet they chose not to for strategic political reasons."

Furthermore, President Obama's actions do not constitute genuine immigration reform and leave many issues unaddressed. "What the president is offering is not a true solution but rather a band-aid that appeases certain amnesty proponents and takes advantage of those who are uninformed. It does not address the heart of the matter," Lopez continued. With the President's plan, undocumented immigrants will end up exposed without any guaranty that they will not be deported in the event of a change in the Administration in 2016. It only offers a temporary relief with a great deal of risk for those involved.

Instead, Latinos for Tennessee believes that true immigration reform will secure the borders, reward those who follow our nation's laws, provide a pathway to citizenship without cutting ahead of those who have patiently pursued legal immigration, and keep hard-working families together. "We believe 'The Red Card Solution' is a well-written plan that addresses these problems with a market-driven solution that does not burden the federal government, and we are thrilled to announce our support for the plan," shared Lopez.

"The Red Card Solution" is a privately funded and government-sanctioned plan that would match non-immigrant workers to unfilled US jobs. The plan does not provide amnesty to illegal immigrants, but rather would require applicants to pass a criminal background check before entering the country legally with a temporary work permit. Because each work permit would be matched to a specific job, these workers would be required to leave the US when the job expires. Furthermore, this plan will capture wages that have previously gone untaxed and add them to the federal income tax wage base. Finally, it provides a fast solution to the 12 million undocumented workers currently in the US, by allowing them to obtain a work permit after passing a background check and providing proof of employment.

For more information about "The Red Card Solution," please contact Lizzy Nelson at (423) 304-5405 or go to

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