Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Conservative revolt fails, Boehner keeps his job. How the Tennesee delegation voted.

Twenty-five Republican members of the House voted against John Boehner for Speaker. The only Republican member of the Tennessee delegation to vote against Boehner was Rep. Scott DesJarlais. 

To be elected speaker requires more than half the votes of the members voting. Boehner got 216 votes out of the 408 votes cast. To deny Boehner a victory on the first ballot 29 Republicans would have had to vote against him. Had he failed to win a majority of votes cast then another vote would have had to be taken until someone got a majority of the votes of the members voting.

There was little danger that voting against Boehner would have led to Nancy Pelosie or a Democrat having been elected speaker since over 50 Republicans would have had to vote "present" rather than casting a vote for a candidate.  Even if Pelosie got the most votes and the Republican vote was split, she would not have been elected Speaker. If Boehner had not won, and members would have held firm, then a candidate other than Boehner that could have been agreeable to the majority of those voting would have had to be placed in nomination. So, 29 Republicans not voting for Boehner could have led to the election of someone other than Boehner. I am not advocating that that is what Republicans should have done, simply pointing out the process.

For a list of the Republicans who voted against Boehner, follow this link.

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