Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Rep. Brenda Gilmore joins Freeman campaign as treasurer

Bill Freeman statement on filing paperwork to run for Mayor of Nashville

Yesterday I filed papers to officially become a candidate for Mayor of Nashville and named State Representative Brenda Gilmore as treasurer of the campaign. I am excited and eager to continue the discussions I have been having about the bright future of our wonderful city.

I look forward to sharing my vision for leading Nashville through the critical decisions ahead that will make this city a place where my grandchildren can live, work and raise their families ten, twenty years from now. For almost four decades, I have been a business owner in Nashville. I have also been an active resident who is immensely proud of the advantages growing up in Nashville provided my family and me.

I have seen decisions of the past that have affected the future well‐being of our city. And, I have seen the diversity of our city grow. Nashville is a great city! However, I believe that Nashville can still improve being a world‐class city, setting an example for the rest of the nation, in our public schools, attending to our neighborhoods, strengthen our infrastructure, growing our businesses and economy, and looking out for the citizens of Nashville.

I also look forward to hearing input from Nashville’s greatest, asset, the people of Nashville. Over the next eight months I will take my ideas all over the city, to every neighborhood from Antioch to Goodlettsville, from Bellevue to Hermitage, from Joelton to Belle Meade, North Nashville and everywhere in between. I look forward to hearing the ideas of the people who live in these communities and sharing my visions for Nashville with them.

I won’t need to ease into the office of Mayor. I will not need “on the job training.” Listening to the people of Nashville, from the business community to neighborhood leaders, I will know from day one what the people of Nashville want their city to look like.

Rep. Gilmore said on joining the campaign as treasurer, “I am honored that Bill thought of me. He would have had my support for Mayor regardless, because I have known him for many years now and have seen firsthand the genuine love he has for Nashville. I have appreciated his ability to unite groups and people from all backgrounds, and to bring people together to work towards common and shared goals that are for the betterment of Nashville and everyone involved. Bill cares about the people of this city. I have also seen his ability to clearly assess any situation and to make tough decisions.”

Gilmore added, “I had a close friend tell me he had almost every candidate in this race sit in a chair across from him and tell him what they were ‘going to do’ for his community if they were elected Mayor. Bill was the only one who sat in that chair and discussed what he had already done.

That is the type of leadership Nashville needs. We need someone like Bill Freeman who has the business background and “know how” to move this city to the next level, and from day one in office, can unite the city on tough issues, lead in a respectful way and continue working for all the communities that make up Nashville.”

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