Friday, February 27, 2015

Important joint Education Committee meeting and B&F committee meeting on March 2nd

On Monday March 2nd there will be an important joint meeting of the Budget and Finance and the Eduction Committee of the Metro Council.  I hope the Council members on these committees are well versed on the Metro Schools budget and have studied the audit of Metro Schools. I hope they have done their homework and are prepared to ask some hard questions of the School Board members.

Cost continue to rise in providing Metro services and the largest chunk of the Metro budget is for Schools. I hope Council members  are not going to be pressured into continuously increasing the Schools budget. There is very little correlation between expenditure per child and the quality of the education a child receives. Also, some who oppose education reform try to blame the school board's financial problems on charter schools. To find out why that is a bogus argument follow this link:Things to learn from the Audit of Metro Schools.

While the above meeting will most likely be replayed on cable Channel 3, I think councilmen, whether on the Budget and Finance Committee or Education Committee or not, should attend and participate in this meeting. Candidates for council and advocates of education reform should attend this meeting also.  While no one but Council members will be able to participate, there is something about having live informed people in the audience that changes the dynamic of a meeting.

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