Friday, February 27, 2015

Melissa Smithson for Metro Council Campaign Kick-off and Petition Signing Event:

Melissa Smithson
Statement from Melissa Smithson: I am running for Metro Council to represent District 28 because I am passionate about our area and want to have an active role in representing the residents of my District and in shaping Antioch’s future. As we move forward, it will be critical to ensure the decisions made today are proactive and help create the conditions needed to strengthen the area for continued prosperity while preserving the unique character that is Antioch. I believe I have the dedication, commitment and motivation to get us there.

As a first time candidate, my decision to run is heartfelt and important to me. I was born in Antioch, moved away as a young child to South Nashville and returned after graduating and getting married. I have been a resident of District 28 for 23 years. I always knew this is where I wanted to return to. Nashville is an extraordinary city to live and work and I appreciate our wonderful neighborhoods, schools, parks, downtown, and above all, the welcoming community that embodies the “Nashville” way of life.

For years I have been active in advocating for the city and our District, working with people to solve problems and to make our neighborhood a better place in which to live. I worked closely with citizens and groups in saving the Tennessee State Fairgrounds, as well as working to voice concerns about the Hickory Hollow redevelopment, public transportation and the project known as the AMP.

I have worked for small businesses and large corporations over the past 30 years’ with strong skills in operations, marketing and sales. I have served on several boards, been an activist for our community and many causes which are detrimental to our city and its future. I believe with this experience I will be a strong voice and acquire what is needed for our District.

 I hope you will support and vote for me to be your representative in District 28!

Melissa Smithson for Metro Council Campaign Kick-off  and Petition Signing Event:

When: Thursday, March 12th 5:30 p.m. - 7:30 p.m.
Where: Luxury Palace Event Center 1185 Antioch Pike Suggested Contribution: $25 Appetizers & Drinks

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