Thursday, March 5, 2015

Nashville’s Next Mayor Is Ready To Officiate A Gay Wedding. Council Candidate Ken Jakes gives his opinion.

Nashville’s next mayor will be supportive enough of gay marriage to officiate a same-sex ceremony.

Marriage ceremonies have been performed in city halls around
the country after courts strike down gay marriage bans.
This couple went to city hall in San Francisco to get married.
The societal hot-button is a non-issue for the field of candidates. ....

“You know, I abhor discrimination of any kind," real estate developer Bill Freeman said. "I would be proud to perform that marriage.”

The six other major candidates said they’d do the same, some with a simple “yes.” (read more and listen to an interview where each candidate shares his views.)

My Comment: From the dawn of civilization until just very, very recently marriage has been the union of a man and a women. If gay "marriage" should become legal in Nashville, I would not expect the next mayor to violate the law or go to extraordinary efforts to stop it from occurring.  Not obstructing a law however is very different than giving such union one's blessing by performing the ceremony. Personally, I am disgusted. I was hoping there would be a candidate for Mayor whom I could support rather than just voting for someone because they were the least objectionable.

In the audio at the above link, candidate Linda Rebrovick say, "I look forward to that opportunity actually."  David Fox, who is the major candidate most often identified as a Republican and someone who I thought I could get behind says, "Certainly, I would be delighted to do so." Megan Barry says councilmen can perform marriages also and she hopes she doesn't have to wait until she is mayor. The others answer "yes."  Not included in this interview was mayoral candidate Kenneth Eaton.

As to Megan Barry's point that councilmen can perform marriages also, I wonder how many of the candidates for Councilmen would perform same-sex couple weddings.

If any other candidates for Mayor, candidates for Vice Mayor, or Council would like to tell me if they would perform same-sex marriages if elected, please answer that question in the comment block at the end of this post or email me.  I will post your answer and update this post every time I get a response.

Ken Jakes, Metro Council-at-large candidate  has already answered this question on his facebook page with this comment:
Why won't they ask me where I stand. The crap that goes on in our city makes me sick. When I have to go against everything I believe in to serve the people they can have it and I will go to the lake. My Christian faith is clear that marriage isn't for same sex. If not performing a marriage for same sex partners is discrimination, then let me be the first to discriminate!

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