Sunday, May 17, 2015

Who do the polls show is leading in the race for Mayor?

It depends on who commissioned the poll.  The poll commissioned by Bill Freeman show Bill Freeman is ahead; the polls commissioned by Howard Gentry shows Howard Gentry is ahead.

The Tennessean turned to a Vanderbilt polling expert to offer an opinion on the conflicting polls.  After Vanderbilt's recent "poll" about InsureTennessee, I don't think a polling expert at Vanderbilt has the credibility to be considered an expert in talking about the validity of someone else's poll, but the Vanderbilt expert may know what he is talking about when he tells how polls can be manipulated to get the answered one wants. I don't think after the Vanderbilt's InsureTennesssee polling story, a credible news source would have turned to Vanderbilt to offer an opinion on a poll without also revealing Vanderbilt's own recent questionable polling tactics. The Tennessean however did not bring that up again.  To read more follow this link.

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