Sunday, July 26, 2015

Nashville Mayor race three-way tie for top spot: Barry, Fox, Freeman.

From the Tennessean, July 26:

But a new poll — one funded by an outside special interest group, not a mayoral campaign — says it's now a three-way statistical tie for first. And Freeman, the poll says, is no shoo-in to make a run-off.

A poll obtained by The Tennessean that was funded by the Tennessee Laborers PAC, which hasn't endorsed in the mayor's race but leans to the left, has Megan Barry in first with 20 percent of support from likely voters, followed by David Fox at 19 percent and Freeman at 18 percent. That puts the three in a statistical dead heat for the top spot. (link)
David Fox has ran a masterful campaign and followed his plan. Early on when Fox was at about 6% in the polls, near the bottom of the pack, he held back.  His plan all along was to wait until the public started paying attention and then launch his ad campaign. It worked. He held back until June then started his ad campaign and has steady climbed in the polls. That took discipline.

I am supporting David Fox.  He is the only candidate expressing concern about Nashville's growing debt and the $3 billion unfunded pension and health benefits obligations facing the city.  He also seems like the candidate least likely to raise taxes and he is the only candidate who has said he would not use eminent domain for redevelopment. While the last item may not concern too many people, I want to elect a mayor who respects basic property rights. Fox also is favorably inclined to seek out-sourcing and public-private partnerships to save money and solve public problems. I have set down and had a private conversation with David Fox that lasted almost an hour and half.  We talked about education, transportation, crime, development and more.  While Fox may not be as socially conservative as I would like, he is a real fiscal conservative.  Beyond that, he is smart and thoughtful. He would solve Nashville's problems, such as our crumbling infrastructure,  that is often being ignored in this campaign.  He has experience in improving public education and has a passion for it. You can learn more about Fox's position on the issues by following this link.

Several people I know have told me they are supporting either Linda Eskind Rebrovick or Jeremy Kane in this race. The most recent poll shows Rebrovick at 7% and Kane at 3%.  Face it; they are not going to make the run off. Polls do not get it that wrong.  Rebrovick would most likely be my second choice if Fox was not in the race. I like her business success and her tech approach to addressing Nashville's problems.  Kane would also be a good second choice simply due to his success with charter schools and the importance of education.  Kane would make a good chairman of the school board or director of schools, but I do not think he is the person for mayor. In any event, Rebrovick nor Kane are going to make the runoff. If you are the least bit conservative or even moderate, you do not want to see the run-off be between Barry and Freeman.  At this point I am undecided which I would least prefer be mayor. Both are extremely liberal. Both, I fear, would continue Nashville's growing debt liability. Both would likely seek major tax increases.  If you do not want to be given a choice between Megan Barry and Bill Freeman in the run-off, then please vote for David Fox.

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  1. I support Fox. Rebrovich fails to impress me in any way. You can't solve a city's problems with technology. We already have the traffic signals timed that way. She has no touch with the reality of running a city.

  2. “Vote Fox if you want a more fiscally conservative Nashville. We have had “SPENDTHRIFT DEAN for too long. We have financial issues and Fox is the only one talking about fixing the problems with the money we have. If you “don’t” want the same old same old then choose Fox, he is your man.
    It would be good to know Freeman was a bundler for Obama. (Bundlers are people with friends in high places who, after bumping against personal contribution limits, turn to those friends, associates, and, well, anyone who's willing to give, and deliver the checks to the candidate in one big "bundle.") Doing the same for Hillary. If you want to give your hard earned money away, vote for Freeman” if not” vote for Fox. Megan Berry also is a liberal spender. Not much choice if you want Nashville’s spending to slow down and that would be Fox...FOX FOR MAYOR...