Wednesday, August 12, 2015

August 18th Council Agenda is now available. Be aware of Vampire Bills. This is the last meeting of this Council.

 Be aware of Vampire Bills
The August 18th Metro Council agenda is now available and will be a long agenda. This will be the last meeting of this term of the Metro Council.  Some bills that were deferred indefinitely on third meeting from months or years ago may reappear on this agenda.  Many people think a bill is defeated if it is deferred indefinitely, but that is not so. So, if you have a zoning issue (or other issue but mostly zoning issues) that you were once concerned about, review this agenda to see if it has reappeared. Any bills not passed on August 18th really will be dead and would have to start over with the next council.

I will be reviewing the agenda and offering my usual analysis but I don't know the significance of all the zoning bills and really don't even attempt to know their significance, but I do know how the Council works and I know this is the meeting where a lot of people get blindsided by a bill passing that they thought was long dead. Also some Council members who are termed-out or defeated may not be as responsive to constituents as they otherwise would be.

Here is the link to the agenda

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