Thursday, August 27, 2015

Megan Barry raised taxes. Racked up debt. But didn't solve our real problems.

"To see where someone's going. You gotta look where they've been. Megan Barry raised taxes. Racked up debt. But didn't solve our real problems."

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  1. Let's ask MB again how to get "ridership up" on our buses, and how much is ridership up from Dean's admin? What are "the drivers to get people on and off transit?" Apparently she suffers under the delusion that people willingly give up their cars to ride transit. I would like to see her quote the ridership figures she claims, and if those numbers reflect actual people riding the bus, or the number of seats on the bus. I'd also like to know if people are being counted every time they get on the bus (includes transfers) or if this one person rode a bus? When MTA says they have no way to do that, ask them how much the available technology to that costs? It does exist, and we don't have it. The reason given is that it is too expensive, but in the scheme of things, it is quite affordable. Then ask her how much it will cost to build the sidewalks we need to effect her transportation plans. Ask her how much debt is outstanding with our Muni bonds, and whether or not our tax assessments will reflect actual market value, or be randomly raised regardless of market value like they did before.