Friday, August 28, 2015

Please Proofread my Blog

Dear Friend of a A Disgruntled Republican, 

I love writing for this blog but I often cannot see my own mistakes.  Sometimes, I can see them the next day, but can not see them prior to posting. Sometimes I never see them. I can proofread something someone else wrote better than I can proofread what I wrote. While spell check can catch an obviously misspelled word, it cannot catch the wrong word. If you see a mistake, please call it to my attention immediately. If you have my phone number, text me or call me.  If we are Facebook friends, message me on Facebook. You can also post a comment to the blog post pointing out my error.  I will get the comment, make the correction but will not post the comment.

After working hard to create a post, I hate to have my work devalued and dismissed because I do something like write "pubic" instead of "public." I know the difference but sometimes my fingers do not follow my thoughts.  I will not be offended if you call out an error in spelling or use of the wrong word or grammar. In fact, I want to be corrected. I appreciate the help.

Thank you,
Rod Williams.

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