Thursday, August 6, 2015

Who I am supporting in the race for Mayor, Vice Mayor and members of the Metro Council and how I am voting on the proposed charter amendments.

David  Fox for Mayor
Below is the list of who I am supporting in the race for Mayor, Vice Mayor and members of the Metro Council and my recommendation on the proposed charter amendments.

This is just a list. For commentary on why I am making the recommendations, I am making, you may want to put the candidates name in the search box and anything I have written about the candidate will pop up.

In some cases I feel strongly about the candidate and am enthusiastically supporting that person. In other cases, I have simply chosen the least bad of two bad candidates.

Tim Garrett for Vice Mayor
I have not endorsed in every district, simply because I did not know enough about the candidates to have a preference in some cases.

In the at-large race, one may vote for up to five candidates but I am voting for only one candidate and that is Ken Jakes.  To win a seat outright, without a runoff, a candidate would have to get 20% of the votes cast.  If no one gets 20% of the total votes cast for at-large seats then the ten people who got the most votes will be in a runoff.  With 26 candidates running, I do not want to dilute the strength of my vote so I am voting for only one candidate. There are other good candidates running however, who I would like to see elected, so if one wants to vote for more than one candidate I am listing some additional good candidates.
Ken Jakes for at-large

Here are my recommendations:

Mayor: David Fox

Vice Mayor:  Tim Garrett 
Council member at-large: Ken Jakes

Other good at-large candidates: Robert Duvall, Jody Ball,
Adam Dread, James Keeton, and Karen Bennett
    District Council seats:

    In some of the races I am enthusiastically supporting someone and in some of the races, I am selected the least bad choice. In some districts, I do not know enough about the candidates to have a preference.
    Lioniel Green, Jr.

    District 1

    District 1: Lioniel Green, Jr. 
    District 2: Carrie Searcy 
    District 3: No recommendation 
    District 4: Robert Swope
    District 5: Scott Davis
    District 6: Brett A. Withers
    District 7: Stephen Clements
    District 8: Chris Swann
    District 9: Bill Pridemore
    Carrie Searcy
    District 2
    District 10: Doug Pardue
    District 11: Larry Hagar 
    District 12: Steve Glover
    District 13: No Recommendation
    District 14: No Recommendation
    District 15: Jeff Syracuse
    District 16: Tony Tenpenny
    District 17: Tony Watson 
    District 18: Burkley Allen 
    District 19: Amanda Harrison  
    District 20: Frank Stabile
    District 21: No Recommendation 
    District 22: Sheri Weiner
    District 23: Jim Roberts 
    Robert Swope
    District 4
    Steve Clements
    District 7
    Cris Swann
    District 8

    Tony Tenpenny
    District 16

    Jim Roberts
    District  23

      Tony Watson
      District 17
      Amanda Harrison
      District 19

      Lonnie Spivak
      District 35
      Davette Blalock
      District 27
      Melissa Smithson
      District 28

      District 24: Allen Grant
      District 25: Russ Pulley
      District 26: No Recommendation
      District 27: Davette Blalock 
      District 28: Melissa Smithson
      District 29: Karen Johnson
      District 30: Write in a name 
      District 31: Fabian Bedne 
      District 32: No recommendation 
      District 33: Sam Coleman
      District 34: No recommendation
      District 35: Lonnie Spivak

      Charter Amendment 1: Effective August 2023, Council terms would be increased from two consecutive four-year terms to three consecutive four-year terms: Voting "yes."

      Charter Amendment 2: Beginning September 1, 2019, this would increase the number of consecutive terms a council member could serve from two terms to three terms. Also, it would reduce the council from a 40 to 27 members and would reduce the number of districts from 35 to 24 and reduce the number of at-large council members from 5 to 3: Voting "yes."

      Charter Amendment 3: The would require that on any Metro tax-payer funded project with a value of over $100,0000 that the workforce employed by the project consist of a least 40% residents of Davidson County; Voting "No."  

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      1. I would recommend Jimmy Mitchell for people living in District 26. Young, but conservative and passionate. He'll be a hard worker.