Saturday, September 5, 2015

Barry, Fox in a Dead Heat. Turn Out is all Important!

An independent poll commissioned by The Tennessean published Thursday morning shows this election is a dead heat, too close to call. With a razor thin margin dividing the candidates, the winner could be determined by any number of factors, such as will the Black community believe the despicable race-baiting campaign of the Democrat Party, will it rain on election day, will there be a last minute surprise?  While something could still sway voters, the most likely determinate in who wins this race is turnout.  Please, please, please do not fail to vote. Please encourage others to vote.

We often hear that this election is the most important election ever.  In Metro's history, I really believe this is the most important election ever.  I fear that if Megan Barry is elected we will see growing unsustainable debt, pandering to liberal special interest, policies that turn Nashville into the "San Francisco of the South" and major tax increases.  With Fox we will get wise and responsible management of our city and a reduction in our debt obligations and greater government efficiency and improvements in education. This election really does matter!

Please, if you have friends, co-workers, or family that may be inclined to vote for David Fox, please encourage them to go vote.  Every vote counts, but this time there could be just a hand full of votes difference between the candidates.

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