Tuesday, September 15, 2015

For local DEMs..."The Ends [still] Justifies The Means"

Tim Skow
by Tim Skow - Most everyone with a valued track record in Nashville politics felt The Tennessean poll [conducted about Sept 1st ] ...showing a one point race was valid.

By then it had started... the vile, but not surprising, onslaught from those on the political Left with a track record of... "The Ends Justifies the Means".

SUDDENLY.. the claim is Mr. Fox is a Bigot. The claim is Mr. Fox is a Racist. And Mr. Fox will take Nashville back to the segregation days of the 1950's. Simply... all "dog-whistles" to scare, scar and agitate a significant portion of Nashville voters, by those trying to turn Mr. Fox into "the boogie man".

The TN Democrat State Party also stepped in trying to slime a good and honorable man. They all know better. But ask those on the political Left about it privately and they will laugh, smile and say.. "Ya...but it worked...AGAIN...Soooo...what's your question" ?

Many have asked in sheer wonder.... Why did Howard Gentry [who at the Belmont University debate was asked , "If you're NOT in the run-off who would you like to see as the next Mayor?" answered "David Fox." ] endorse Ms. Barry for Mayor?

I admit I too was shocked ...and saddened. Multiple times this summer Howard said to me "Tim, you can't get a slice of copy paper between what David and I want for Nashville." I cannot answer for Mr. Gentry. I can attest that Mr. Gentry will face DEM primary voters again if he wishes to keep his current well-paid elected position. So when looking at the track record of Nashville's political Left... and doing the math.... maybe Mr. Gentry's move should not have come as surprise at all. How sad.

In closing... its simply sad, that with purpose and malice during the last 10 days of the campaign, a fine and honorable man was "slimed". What is even more distressing and deplorable is the complicit role The Tennessean played. Despite having covered Mr. Fox for years and knowing him better, The Tennessean never called out or question the integrity of those who were trying to slime Mr. Fox. In fact, they clearly seemed to promote it. [but then again..."what's your point" ? ]

Those who contemplate running for office in Davidson County going forward must prepare accordingly.

Tim Skow is the organizer and host of the First Tuesday luncheon group. 

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