Wednesday, September 9, 2015

" Friends For Fox" needed to wave and smile on Thursday

From Tim Skow, host of First Tuesday:

1ST TUESDAY members.... and friends

We are within sight of the goal line ... 7pm Thursday night.

NO DOUBT...... TURN OUT is the true KEY to VICTORY !

Hence...looking to assemble ..... The "F Troop" ...... those being "Friends For Fox".... for what is the easiest of all things to on election day....

We know the parts of town where "Voters of Fox" are the highest... So, we are seeking people who will simply HOLD a Fox yard sign... wave and smile at the car going by on the busiest of streets... high traffic corners ....and near the entry way to Interstates.

The goal is TO REMIND those who haven't voted that its ELECTION DAY!

Bellevue, Bellemeade, Brentwood-area at I-65 and Old Hickory Blvd, Cane Ridge, Donelson/Hermitage, White Bridge and so forth...

Needless to say... The more the better


Can you help us assemble a cadre of " Friends For Fox" ?

Feel free to pass this to others who may wish to help morning ...or afternoon or BOTH!

My cell is 615-429-7569 if anyone has questions.

Thanks again for everything... and please make sure you and those you know VOTE !


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