Monday, September 14, 2015

The importance of not overlooking the basics

Stan Scott
by Stan Scott - This year’s elections shows the importance of not overlooking all the five separate but interdependent elements of a campaign; Planning, organization, message. communications and finance.

Freeman set a record for spending but his message was self-serving and planning influenced by ego.

Fox had adequate funds but his communications were ineffective during the runoff. He never challenged Barry to provide specifics while she spoke of feel-good issues in generalities. Additionally, the Davidson County Republican Party was incapable of playing a role in his organization as the Democrats turned it into a strictly partisan race. Fox’s planning did not consider the negative impact of his brothers PAC involvement albeit legal. From the lack of response to Barry’s negative ads they too were not anticipated.

Barry enjoyed the Davidson County and Tennessee Democratic Parties supplementing her organization by getting the Party faithful turned out at the polls. Her message was “Progressive”, government will raise the standard of living for all, never mind how it will be paid for. The only issue where she gave a firm figure was all housing developments are to have 13% set aside as "affordable”, something proven unworkable as well as an investment barrier.

Let us see that the GOP is better prepared to support its candidates in the next elections. One is only six months away.

Stan Scott is a retired professional engineer who was involved in facilities development for a wide variety of industries from concept through start-up. His last thirty years were spent marketing engineering and construction services. He has long been active in Davidson County Republican Party politics.

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