Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Most Journalist do not stand for the National Anthem at the Democrat Party presidential debate.

This video was taken of the press corp covering the Democrat party presidential debate last night.
Notice how few members of the media stopped what they were doing to stand for the national anthem.

I have long felt that most liberals are not comfortable with patriotism and expressions of love of country. It is not so much that they actually hate America, but they view patriotism as somehow simple minded and unsophisticated. They feel they are smarter than those people who can get emotional at hearing the national anthem. They don't believe America is an exceptional country. They are quick to point out our nations failures and faults. Slavery and the treatment of native Americans and the history of Jim Crow are viewed as blots on our honor that make the nation unworthy of their affection. They also seem to feel more as if they are a citizen of the world and love of country is somehow archaic tribalism.

I know it was not always this way. Those of my parents generation, the World War II generation, may have advocated very liberal policies but they loved this country. They supported FDR, they wanted more government regulations, and they supported a whole host of big government policies but they loved America. I guess this contemptuous attitude toward America started with the anti establishment and anti war movement of the late sixties. When those sixties radical became teachers and professors and molders of opinion, their contempt for this nation was passed on to future generations.

Following the attack of 9-11-2001 we saw a burst of patriotism but I think many liberals were even embarrassed by that. I have a family member who told me the he did not like the Alan Jackson song Where Were You When the World Stopped Tuning, because it was jingoistic and it made him uncomfortable. Anyway, for many who felt patriotic immediately after 9-11, that patriotism did not last long.

It is no secret that most mainstream journalist are considerably to the left of the average American. Surveys and studies of to whom journalist make campaign contributions show that they are, for the most part, liberal. The mainstream media is not called the liberal media for no reason. This video reveals how they feel about America.

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