Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Rent control is illegal in Tennessee

Well, Gol-ly, I could have told 
you that and you wouldn't have had
 to spend all that money on consultants.
by Joey Garrison, The Tennessean - Metro planning consultants have made their opinion clear on a question that looms large as they work to draft a new affordable housing policy for Nashville.

They say a state law that bans cities from controlling the price of rent prevents Nashville from adopting what is known as a mandatory inclusionary zoning policy that would apply to rentals. ...But some affordable housing advocates, including...At-large Metro Councilman Bob Mendes said he believes it is unclear....But David Schwartz, vice president of Economic & Planning Systems Inc.,..... “In this case,” he said of Tennessee rent control law, “it prohibits — plain and simple — mandatory inclusionary zoning for rental projects.” 

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