Friday, December 4, 2015

Lt. Gov. Ron Ramsey says of Calilfornia terroist attacks, " we are involved in a war of civilizations."

Lt. Gov. Ron Ramsey says on Facebook:

Once again we must bow our heads and pray for the victims of Islamic terror. While some in the media avoid naming the politically incorrect threat and the Left blames inanimate objects, most Americans intuitively understand what we face. This is a pattern and it is unavoidable. A group of Christians gathered to celebrate the birth of Christ and a radical Muslim couple took the opportunity to send a horrific message to the West.

Make no mistake: we are involved in a war of civilizations.   The centuries may have ticked by but goal remains the same: a caliphate in the Middle East, the end of Israel and the capitulation of the West. Through death and destruction, they hope to instill fear. But we must remain unafraid. We must never sacrifice liberty for security but our response must be forceful, aggressive and clear.

We must move quickly to secure our border and monitor those who enter our country through legal means. But even that, as the events of San Bernardino make clear, will not be sufficient. Our law enforcement agencies do excellent work and deserve our endless appreciation, but their efforts will never be enough.

We must take steps to protect ourselves and our families.

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