Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Marsha Blackburn's response to President Obama's "leadership" on addressing radical Islamic extremism

From Marsha Blackburn:

In the aftermath of the attacks carried out by radical Islamic extremists that killed and wounded hundreds in Paris, President Barack Obama stood before the world to issue America's response. But instead of taking a hardline stand against violent acts of terrorism, the President timidly and absurdly claimed that the upcoming summit on "climate change" would be a strong "rebuke" to international terrorists.

Then came the savage San Bernardino attack where 14 people were killed and 21 injured by two radical Islamic terrorists – and it took Barack Obama four days to respond and admit what most Americans already knew – it was a terrorist attack. The President was more interested in taking a cynically opportune shot at Americans' Second Amendment rights than he was about the evil ideology behind the attack!

Unfortunately for the American people, their fearful leader is in denial about the threat terrorism poses to our country. That's why I'm contacting you today – I need you to partner with me to wake up the White House. Will you take a moment to watch my response to President Obama's "leadership" on addressing radical Islamic extremism?
Americans want to see leadership that will communicate the message that we are going to find these terrorists, we're going to destroy them and we're going to destroy their networks. But that is not what the president has been saying. He's too focused on pushing his globalist agenda of bringing thousands of Muslim refugees to the U.S. and crippling our economy with radical environmentalist overreach.

President Barack Obama needs to be reminded that his most important duty as Commander-in-Chief is to protect and look after the best interests of the American people above all else. Will you help me make it clear to President Obama that he must prioritize our safety and prosperity by watching my response to the recent attacks and then add your name if you agree, today?

 I'm determined to continue standing up in Congress to demand accountability from leadership in Washington, DC - from Capitol Hill to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, but I sure could use your support. After watch my video and add your name, can I also count on you to make a generous contribution of $25, $50, $75, $100 or even more to my 2016 campaign preparations as well?

Thank you – please respond today!
Sincerely, Marsha Blackburn
Congressman Marsha Blackburn

P.S.  Barack Obama only has one year left to improve on his abysmal record – let's urge him to begin now! Watch my response and add your name to the fight if you agree today!

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