Friday, December 18, 2015

The Paris Accord climate change Christmas celebration special deal on carbon off-sets

I guess by now everyone know the Paris Climate Agreement passed and it is really a big deal. That is what everyone is telling us. Here is a sample:

 "Why the Paris Climate Agreement Is a Big, Big Deal" William R.L. Anderegg -- The Week, December 14, 2015
 "The Climate Deal Is President Obama's Biggest Accomplishment" Jonathan Chait -- The New York Magazine, December 14, 2015
"COP21: Paris climate deal is 'best chance to save planet'" -- BBC News, December 13, 2015

Here is what came out of the accord, as I understand it. Leaders from 196 countries approved the first global agreement to limit greenhouse-gas emissions in history.  Parties to the conference agreed on pursuing long-term efforts to limit global average temperature rise to 1.5 degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels. They again endorsed the principle that all nations have a responsibility for reducing green house gases but that the major responsibility lies with developed nations to drastically cut their carbon emissions and to provide aid to developing economies to help them reduce their carbon emissions and adapt to climate change.

I guess this is a big deal simply because the leaders of these countries agreed to the concept. But that is about all it amounts to.  It is as if they shook hand and agreed to do this. There is no mandatory binding component of The Paris Accord. There is no penalty if you don't meet the target. The popping of champagne corks and dancing in the newsrooms and orgasmic exuberance seems a little over the top for what was accomplished. I must be missing something.  The leaders don't make the rules in any countries except dictatorships and then when they are overthrown, their dictates are overthrown with them.

The Paris Accord is not a treaty.  A treaty requires the approval of two-thirds of the Senate  to become American law and to be a binding agreement with another country.  The Paris Accord is not being presented to the Senate as a treaty. Also, with America having an $18 Trillion dollar national debt and to simply pay the interest on the debt is taking a greater and greater share of every tax dollar collected, I don't think giving foreign aid to developing countries to build solar energy plants and windmills is going to make the cut. Simply because we can't afford it anymore, America may have to stop being the World's policeman and the World's Santa Claus. I think even liberals would prefer to repair highways and build bridges in America, increase funding for student loans, and increase funding for Obamacare rather than build windmills in Bangladesh. 

Probably some of what we are now giving as part of foreign aid and humanitarian aid will be redirected as aid for reducing global warming. We will just call it something different.  I seriously doubt we are going to honor the aid to developing countries component of The Paris Accord. Anyway, even if we do really increase our aid to developing countries to fight global warming, does anyone really think it will go for the intended purpose? A lot of aid now given to fight hunger or for economic development ends up in the hands of the friends of the oligarchs or in Swiss bank accounts. These third world countries are not suddenly going to stop acting like third world countries just because the aid is earmarked for fighting global warming. 

If you have an environmentalist friend or relative who is ecstatic about The Paris Accord, I have the perfect Christmas gift suggestion for them.  Don't bust their bubble over The Paris Accord.  In fact, further extend their jubilation by showing them that their has been a revolution in thinking about saving the planet.  Give them the gift of buying a portion of their carbon footprint.  What better gift for an avid environmentalist than letting them live guilt-free during the holidays. If they drive home for the holidays, they can drive home guilt-free knowing that you paid for their carbon offset! 

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