Wednesday, February 17, 2016

How Charter Schools transformed New Orleans public schools.

There is undeniable proof that charter schools can transform public education and yet liberals work tirelessly to stop this common sense reform.  If one were skeptical of liberals motives one might think that liberals want to keep poor people, and especially Black people, poor and ignorant so they will continue to be constituents for the liberal welfare state. One might conclude they do not want them escaping the liberal plantation.

There are examples all over the country where kids that would have ended up dropping out of school and on a road to single motherhood or reform school, instead are on a road to college and the middle class. In New Orleans there has been a big scale experiment that shows how charter schools can transform a failing education system.

In New Orleans in the aftermath of the 2005 Katrina hurricane,  instead of rebuilding a traditional public school system where roughly two in every three schools were “failing,” the city transformed almost all of its traditional  public schools into charter schools. Under this new structure, attendance zones were eliminated, union control of education was weakened and parents were given a choice in where they would send their kids to school.

Today, 92 percent of students in New Orleans attend charters. Instead of graduating roughly 54 percent of its students, as New Orleans did before the storm, the city’s public schools  now graduate 73 percent of students, even beating the national average in male graduation rate.  Last year at Cohen College Prep, one of the city’s worst-performing schools before Hurricane Katrina hit, 100 percent of its students were accepted into college. 

The above includes excerpts from a longer story one can find at this link

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