Monday, March 7, 2016

“Just let me say that a 21 year old is still a kid,” says Sherry Jones.

“Just let me say that a 21 year old is still a kid,” she said. “College kids, as evidenced by some of the things we’ve seen lately, really don’t grow up for a long time. I just can’t imagine all of those guns in trunks at frat parties. I understand they are permit holders. With all of the shootings on campuses, I can’t see it.” (link)
Is Sherry Jones right? At 21 year old are young adults still "kids."  We do not allow them to drink until they are 21.  They can however decide to get married at age 18 without their parents consent. At age 18 a "kid" may decide to get an abortion without their parents consent. A parent is not required to provide financial support for their kid past the age of 18. A kid may move out of their parents home at age 18. The legal smoking age in Tennessee is 18. At age 18 you may enter into a legal contract in Tennessee. You can get married at age 18 without your parents consent. In Tennessee at age 18 you can get a regular unrestricted drivers license without your parents consent. You may vote at age 18. You have to be 21 to own a handgun permit in Tennessee, however. Nationwide, under the terms of Obamacare an adult child may be covered by his parents insurance until the child turns 26 years of age.

If you cannot be trusted with drinking or getting a handgun permit at age 18, then I don't think you should be trusted with voting for the President of the United States at age 18.  If you are to be trusted with making a wise informed decision in selecting the next President, then you are old enough to decide to drink or not or whether or not to get a gun permit. Sherry does not say at what age she thinks one is old enough to be trusted with a gun. However, she says at age 21 they do not grow up for a "long time."  Would she make it age 26?  Ok, then raise the voting age to age 26.

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