Sunday, March 6, 2016

Matt Collins' legislative testimony in favor of Constitutional Carry in West Virginia

Below is a statement from Matt Collins:

I am very proud to have been a part of the effort and have the privilege of getting to play a major role in passing Constitutional Carry in West Virginia. I was the point man and "lobbyist" working on passage during the 2015 legislative session. We had a few amazing legislators fighting like hell and an awesome team behind the scenes to make it happen. Unfortunately the Governor vetoed it with cover from Manchin, Bloomberg, and local law enforcement. Since it wasn't passed until the last day of the legislative session the veto could not be overridden in 2015. 

This year it was passed earlier in the session with the help of the same legislators and my former protege who did a kick ass job mobilizing pro-gun supporters across the state with the help and backing of the National Association for Gun Rights. After the expected veto it was overridden by the legislature a couple of days ago.

As of July, it will now be legal to openly or conceal carry a firearm without a permit in the state of West Virginia!!!

This is about as much fundamental raw freedom as you can get.  I congratulate everyone involved, the legislators, and all of my former colleagues.

The takeaway is that the methods used to accomplish this can be done by anyone who is dedicated to winning back their liberties. The playbook works every time and anyone can do it if they simply put out the effort and have the resolve to win. Those who say it is impossible are simply ignorant of the strategy and should be ignored.

West Virginia is now more free because of these efforts, and I want to encourage everyone to endeavor to work on similar efforts in their local and state governments!

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