Monday, March 14, 2016

Paycheck Protection bill promoted

Press release, (NASHVILLE, TN) –Tennesseans for Conservative Action announces the start of a web and radio campaign urging Tennessee conservatives in support of Rep. Spivey’s efforts to end the automatic dues deductions for political government unions.

Julie West, a founding member of the group said its time to stand against the National Education Association. "It takes 5 minutes of research to understand how the NEA uses taxpayers to help fund their dues-collection, and uses those dues for a SuperPAC to attack conservatives and promote their left-wing agenda.

The issue of payroll deductions came to light last year after a Memphis teachers association disaffiliated from the NEA, leaving the school district confused as to where to send teachers dues. The result was a lawsuit against Shelby CountySchools Schools by the former-NEA teachers.

Many teachers across Tennessee have complained that the process for dis-enrolling from payroll deduction is opaque and limited to small window of time each year. They also cite the TEA’s refusal to permit teachers to opt-out of supporting the NEA, an organization that supports ObamaCare, abortion, and left-wing organizations like ACORN and the Progressive States Network.

“Read the FEC filings. You’ll see that the NEA is buying billboards for Hillary Clinton, and they’re using member dues to do it. What conservative teacher wants to give up a piece of their paycheck for that? We need to make the process fair for teachers and taxpayers alike and get government out of the dues-collection business."

Watch or listen to TCA's ad here.

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