Saturday, March 19, 2016

Senator Jim Tracy, Representative Glen Casada and others disappoint in pushing the national popular vote proposal.

I am extremely disappointed in Senator Jim Tracy, Representative Glen Casada and others for pushing the proposed end-run around the constitution to, in-effect, change our system of electing a President from one in which the states have a voice to a national popular vote in which the states have no voice.

Senator Tracy is the State Senate sponsor of a bill which would require that Tennessee's electors to the electoral college cast their vote for the presidential candidate who won the most votes nationwide for the office of president, disregarding the wishes of Tennessee voters. Glen Casada is one of the sponsors in the house.

Our founding fathers designed a system of a republican federal democracy in which the states had a voice. That is why each state, regardless of their population, have two Senators. The electoral college is an essential part of our federalist system. Changing our system will mean a candidate for president would only have to win New York City, Chicago, Los Angeles and a couple other cities and they could ignore the rest of the nation. In addition to this issues about the structure of our government and how a national popular vote would change the dynamic of consensus building in our current system, a system of national popular vote would make it much easier to steal an election. With a national popular vote, instead of examining hanging chads in Florida in 2000 election, every single vote cast for President anywhere in the nation would have had to have had the same scrutiny. We would still be counting votes!

I know Senator Tracy and Representative Glen Casada are usually strong conservatives who support our Constitutional democracy. What happened to them to cause them to support this radical proposal, I don't know, but I am very disappointing.

To learn more about this issue see the following video.

These are the pending bills that need to be defeated:  SB 1657 by *Tracy , Briggs; HB 1728 by *Sexton C , Marsh, Lundberg, Brooks K, McManus, Travis, Powers, Johnson, Casada Election Laws -  As introduced, adopts the interstate compact to elect the president by national popular vote.

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