Thursday, April 7, 2016

Perfectly Serviceable Sidewalks being Ripped up and Replaced with New Sidewalks!

If you have been waiting for years for sidewalks and can't get them, you should be outraged!

Driving home from work yesterday I saw sidewalk work being done on White Avenue.  Today I walked over to take a closer look. I live in this neighborhood just two blocks away.  I routinely walk these sidewalk.

THEY DO NOT NEED TO BE REPLACED! For long sections there are not any cracks at all. They are smooth and unbroken. Some sections might have small cracks, but they are smooth and perfectly serviceable.  This has been going on for years all over town, yet people without sidewalks can't get them.  I have seen it time and time again. Instead of expanding sidewalks, the city routinely replaces perfectly serviceable sidewalks with new sidewalks.

Building new sidewalks of course is much more expensive and difficult than replacing sidewalks, but that is not an excuse for ripping up good sidewalks and replacing them with brand new sidewalks.

New sidewalks on White Ave
This is the other side of White Ave  looking North.
As soon as they finish the east side, they will
rip up and replace these sidewalks

This is the other Side of White Ave looking South
in a few days this sidewalks will get
get ripped out and replaced with new sidewalks.

Come see it for your self.
If you want to see this waste of money in progress, this is in the Woodland-in -Waverly neighborhood south of Wedgewood and east of 8th Ave South. Here is a map.

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