Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Liberty on the Rocks, New Location, Thursday, May 19th, 5:30PM

A message from Liberty on the Rocks:

Liberty on the Rocks

  • Thursday, May 19, 2016, 5:30 PM to
  • Smokin Thighs  611 Wedgewood Ave, Nashville, TN (map)
  • ask the hostess to direct you to our section

    We are moving this and possibly future months' meetings to a new venue - Smokin' Thighs on Wedgewood. They have two- for-one specials until 8 pm and an exquisite selection of moonshines and kool-aids. They have incredible Mac and cheese with a huge toppings menu and a Tonka truck full of hot wings, a dish which will take you on a most glorious foray into the heights of hedonism.

    Anyway, we have a big month ahead of us. As you may be aware, the Trump-ets have sounded and we are now facing The End Times. And while the inevitable plagues and oceans of boiling blood are going to be very inconvenient, at least we are that much closer to finally being done with the national affliction known as Presidential Elections. That's right, only six months away from finally breathing a collective sigh of relief as we graciously accept whichever authoritarian overlord deigns us worthy enough to be ruled over.

    Closer to home, Bill Haslam signed a bill to allow therapists either to refuse service to clients whose "goals, outcomes or behaviors” conflict with the counselor’s “sincerely held principles” or to out themselves as big 'ole homophobes, depending on whom you ask. Also, the faculty and staff of Tennessee colleges can now arm themselves to the teeth. Students will not be allowed to carry guns but are being supplied with personal safe spaces. No official word yet on whether or not those safe spaces are bulletproof.

    Even closer to home, Nashville Mayor Megan Barry delivered her State of Metro Address at the end of April. This was an exciting event that was not at all marred by Barry's recent eviction of a homeless encampment near Fort Negley while spending $1.3 million on renovations at the Mayor's Office. Here's a fun fact I learned from the address - it turns out that Nashville had an overall revenue increase of $121 million over last year. By some strange coincidence, Barry's budget proposal marks a $121 million increase over last year's budget. Coincidences are weird.

    Alright, I'm sure lots more will happen in the next couple weeks, so I hope to see you at Liberty on the Rocks now at Smokin' Thighs on Wedgewood!

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