Friday, May 13, 2016

Look who is supporting the Gay agenda to change our culture. Can I purchase an off-set?

I am not going to immediately stop flying Southwest or using Facebook or watching Netflix. Southwest is usually cheaper and more convenient and I like Facebook and Netflix,  but this is disgusting and I am glad that people can know who is working to undermine their values. The corporate support for the gay agenda is so pervasive, that one seems helpless to resist it.  I doubt many people who like football are going to stop watching NFL football. Nevertheless, I am pleased that there is an organization like 2nd Vote letting us know who is supporting causes we do not support.

You know how environmentalist can purchase carbon off-set credits so they can emit carbon guilt-free?  Maybe 2nd vote should  establish establish a "2nd vote off-set" that would calculate how much my use of Southwest benefits the organizations that our working to undermine my values and I could then purchase an off-set so I can fly Southwest guilt-free. The money collected for my purchase of an off-set could then be donated to organization that support my values.

 2nd Vote is a Nashville based national organization. To see their scorecard where they rate various businesses based on the causes they support follow this link.

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