Saturday, May 14, 2016

Resist Obama's unconstitutional school bathroom decree! Sign the petition.

Dear Rodney,

On May 15, President Obama took the most blatantly unconstitutional step of his entire tenure in
office—threatening to cut federal funds unless local school districts allow students into opposite sex bathrooms and locker rooms if they identify as "transgender."
The New York Times called Obama's drastic executive action a "decree," conjuring up images of King George rather than an American President.
That means teenage girls in high school locker rooms around the country will be forced to undress and shower in the presence of biological males. It also means that on overnight school trips, schools must permit biological males to share rooms with girls.
This is nothing more than the Obama administration unlawfully rewriting federal law to meet its own radical social agenda.
Congress has specifically rejected proposals to include "sexual orientation" and "gender identity" to statutes dealing with school and workplace discrimination. Yet the Obama administration has declared it has the authority to unilaterally rewrite federal law so as to include those categories within Civil Rights statutes like Title IX.
This an unprecendented overreach into an area that has traditionally been governed by state and local regulation. It's a bad policy imposed by federal overlords without any basis in law or regulatory authority.
It's time for parents, teachers, school boards, and other state and local authorities to stand up and say, "We cannot comply with these regulations in good conscience, regardless of what the consequences may be. Enough is enough!"
Sign the petition to President Obama, Asst. Attorney General Vanita Gupta, and Asst. Secretary of Education Catherine Lhamon, informing them that we do not accept these illegal regulations that offend reason, common decency, and natural law:
If we don't push back now, what's next Rodney? Where does it end?
I hope you'll join me in this important fight against federal tyranny.
Josh Craddock and the entire CitizenGO team

My Comment:  I signed the petition.  To tell you the truth, I am just not that riled up over the issue of  which bathroom a transgender student uses.  Your child,  grandchild, nor anyone you ever know is ever likely to encounter a transgender student in their restroom or in their whole school. In your whole life you may never encounter a transgender person. If you do, you probably will not know it, you will just think it is an ugly women. It is estimated there are less than 300 transgendered  high school students in the whole county.  When the bill was before the State legislature to require students to use the bathroom that corresponded to their birth certificate identity, I thought it was an unnecessary bill.

Transgender covers a wide range.  It may be a guy wearing unisex jeans and a shirt who looks androgynous or slightly feminine who maybe wears a little blush and hair is a in a feminine cut, or it may be a person who was born male but now has a vagina and breast. I don't think one policy can apply to every variation. Now most schools work it out at the school level and allow the student to use the restroom by herself (himself) with a teacher temporarily keeping other students out, or the student uses the bathroom in the nurses station or faculty lounge. I think we need to trust principals to come up with the best solution for their situation or if they cannot, then the local school board.  I don't think one solution could cover every situation.We don't need a state law or a Presidential decree to cover this.

While am not that riled over the issue, I am riled over President Obama issuing a decree to make a law cover this topic when the law he is basing his decree on was never intended to address this issue. I am riled that Obama is action like a dictator or a king rather than a President. He has done this time and time again, on immigration, on his signature health care law and many other issues.  He has illegally made appointments bypassing Congress and he has spend money which Congress did not authorize. The liberal press and the Democrats in Congress don't care that he has become a dictator.

While I don't care that much about the underlying issue, I care very much that we follow the constitution. If we accept that a president can unilaterally make laws, spend money, and by pass Congress, then a future president may even be worst than Obama.

(The yellow highlighting in the text above was from the author of the piece; the pink highlighting is mine.)

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