Saturday, May 14, 2016

Time For General Assembly To Give Title IX "The Boot"!

Ignoring the Soulless Obama Administration Is Not a Strategy 

By Jeff Harline, from an email, May 14,2016 -  During the 2010 Tennessee Governor Republican Primary, Lt. Gov. Ron Ramsey made headlines with his famous "Give 'Em The Boot!" commercial. Well, it's time for Ron and the rest of the General Assembly to put those boots back on, and give it to Title IX.

 Title IX is that overreaching Washington, D.C. education requirement demanding that schools do everything that the powers-that-be in the nation's capital require, or, or, or, we'll take your money away from you.

The latest extortion demand comes today in the form of a letter from the lame-duck, lame-legacy President demanding that public schools all over America buckle under the infinitesimal minority demands of boys with "boy parts" who think they are girls to have access to girls bathrooms, locker rooms, sports teams, etc. or, or, or, we'll take your money away from you.

Sensing this threat was on the horizon, we did a little checking on Title IX funding. We thought it might be $500,000,000 or so, kind of like the "Race To The Top" bribe from several years ago. No, it wasn't half-a-billion. It wasn't even $100,000,000. It wasn't even $50,000,000. Tennessee girls' privacy is being threatened for $10,000,000. $10,000,000 is being used to cow us into immoral subservience to the pagans that run the nation. That's just a tenth (I did not learn Common Core Math and did that just in my head without benefit of a calculator) of the $100 Million we waste each year on Pre-K.

For whatever reason, the Tennessee General Assembly couldn't muster the "whatever" to make our statement on this ridiculous policy ahead of Washington withholding our "allowance". Never mind now, because the President, seeking a "legacy" has decided to foist his "Hope and Change" on Tennessee girls. Perhaps members of our Legislature will now express to their voters (I can't wait to hear what the Democrats say to their voters about supporting this ridiculous demand) their resolve to stop this madness and make a 10th Amendment statement to the godless Democrats across the nation demanding that we put our little girls and young women in harm's way.

With over a $100,000,000 surplus just last month alone, here's a great time for Tennessee Volunteers to tell the Department of Education and President Obama to take their Title IX and (fill in your favorite phrase here). Ron Ramsey already knows how to use his boot! Short of our elected officials drawing a line at the bathroom door, citizens need to get engaged and start getting after their local school boards before the spineless among them cave in for want of a new practice "color guard" field.

Enough is enough.

Jeff Hartline, Executive Director
TN Spotlight

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