Tuesday, May 3, 2016

TN GOP consultant Taylor Ferrell ends two contracts but that does not end the controversy.

Taylor Ferrell in an apparent attempt to placate her critics has announced that she is ended two contracts with clients.  These are assumed to be clients who are challenging sitting Republican members of the State legislature. She said she was cancelling the contracts, "Due to some wrong information and false allegations" and to protect her clients.

To summarize what this is all about, Walter Ferrell is the Political Director of the TNGOP and he is married to Taylor Ferrell.  Taylor Ferrell has a contract with the Party to provide logistics support for the Party, having to do with the upcoming convention, things like arranging travel and such.  Taylor Ferrell also has a political consulting business called Southland Advantage that raises money for candidates seeking office.  Some of her clients are running in the primary against incumbent Republican office holders. Twenty-seven Republican office holders signed a letter calling for Walter Ferrell's resignation. To see who signed the letter and for more on this follow this link.

Ferrell's announcement that she was cancelling  two contracts has not quelled the storm.  Rep. Judd Matheny in a letter to Republican Party Chairman Ryan Haynes has said that action does not resolve "the ethical dilemma presented first by employing a husband and wife team and the subsequent very serious ethical breach facilitated by you, remains unchanged."

I agree.  With Walker Ferrell serving as Political Director of the Party and his wife a consultant seeking to represent people seeking political office or people seeking to retain a political office, that is a conflict.  Either Walker Ferrell should resign or Taylor Ferrell should close shop.  To see The Tennessean story on this follow this link.

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