Thursday, June 16, 2016

Mark Lovell responds to Rep. Curry Todd's support from teacher's union

 Says “It’s time to retire NEA-supported lawmakers.”

Rep. Curry Todd
Press release, COLLIERVILLE, TN -  Several weeks back, State Representative Curry Todd was featured in a free mailer that claimed to be sent on behalf of Tennessee’s teachers through the Tennessee Education Association.  The mail piece stated that Curry Todd is simply “standing up” for teachers.  Mark Lovell, who is also challenging Curry Todd in the August primary, knew he was being deceived when this mailer landed in his mailbox.

“Like Curry Todd, this mail piece was bought and paid for by an out-of-state liberal union that is completely out of touch with Tennessee conservatives.  The citizens of Collierville and Germantown will not be fooled by glossy mailers and stock photos.  I am certainly not fooled. These same unions support Obamacare, illegal immigration and oppose the 2nd Amendment.”

The Tennessee Education Association, who paid for this mail piece, has its parent headquarters in Washington, D.C.   It has been a high-profile supporter of Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama.  In 2014, they spent over $40 million on political activities, nearly all of it supporting “progressive organizations” and Democrat candidates.

“This is just the first attempt to buy our primary and keep Curry Todd in power,” Mark Lovell added.  “I won’t let that happen.”
Mark Lovell
Lovell shares the disappointment of many in District 95.  “When Curry Todd first ran for office in 2002, Republicans were an endangered species.  Since then, voters have given Republicans a supermajority in the State House and Curry Todd has rewarded his constituents by giving power right back to the Democrats and their union pals.  Our citizens deserve better.”

Curry Todd and the TEA have a long history.

·      Though TEA claims to be a local organization, it is nothing more than an extension of the National Education Association (NEA).  As TEA’s Democrat Lobbyist has testified, no teacher may join TEA without also joining the NEA under their “unified dues structure”. 

·      The NEA was one of the largest spenders in support of Obamacare and last year they endorsed Hillary Clinton for President before the first primary ballot was cast.

·      In 2014, the TEA fought against the Amendment to ban the state income tax, a source of revenue they fought and protested for a decade earlier during the famous income tax debate of 2002.  TEA and the NEA both opposed the ban on this Amendment by contributing $5,000 each to the effort.

·      They have supported and exchanged contributions with Planned Parenthood and, along with Planned Parenthood, funded the liberal AMERICA VOTES PAC to support Democrats against Republicans.

·      In 2002, the Washington Times exposed the NEA’s promotion of a curriculum that taught students to blame America for the terror attacks on 9/11!  Most recently, they have endorsed the teaching of Islam in our public schools and criticized other state legislators for working to stop Islamic indoctrination in our schools!

Curry Todd has been a consistent supporter of this organization and its values:

·      In 2007, Curry Todd voted with the Democrats against SB113, a bill that ended the National Education Association’s monopoly on representing teachers.  This bill was supported by conservative groups across the nation and has since saved the public education system millions of dollars.  The only losers were the union bosses in Nashville and Washington, D.C who earn six-figure salaries to “represent” teachers. 

 ·      When an amendment was offered to completely repeal the Hall Income Tax, Todd announced he would oppose it (although he eventually went back on his promise).

·      More recently, State Representative Curry Todd voted to give illegal immigrants in-state tuition at Tennessee colleges over the objections of his constituents.  This was in keeping with the NEA’s support of Barack Obama’s amnesty plan!

·      In 2004, Curry Todd further abandoned his voters by supporting HB3486 that allowed illegal aliens to receive Tennessee Driver Licenses.

Lovell concluded, “It’s time for career politicians Like Curry Todd who have traded their principles in favor of big Lobbyist money to return home.  Voters can count on me to stay focused on the needs of Shelby County.”

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