Sunday, June 26, 2016

Rachel Maddow: Orlando attack follows ISIS 'soft target' call

This video is diffidently worth watching. It explains why "lone wolf" terrorist attacks are still "terror attacks."

 Rachel Maddow is one of my least favorite on-air news personalities, or news reporters, or commentators, or whatever the term may be.  She makes me cringe.  Her smug, cutesy, preachy, unfiltered self-righteous  liberalism makes be want to throw things at the TV.  I feel the same way about her as I am sure many liberals must feel about Rush Limbaugh.  She is not boring however and despite my dislike for  her, I still occasionally watch her.  I was surprised recently to see her explain something better than I have  heard it explained by anyone else. I must give her credit.  I guess even a blind pig finds an acorn every once  in  while.

In the past few years there have been several of these "lone wolf" terrorist attacks. Just like in Orlando, the perpetrator claims his allegiance to ISIS or claims he is committing his act in the name of Allah.  Conservatives generally are quick to call these attacks, acts of terrorism; liberals, not so much.  The media is reluctant to initially speculate that these acts are acts of terrorism.  Sometimes the media and government spokesmen will claim the massacre  was "work place violence," or a "hate crime," or the perpetrator was suffering from mental illness. The religious faith of the attacker is not one of the first things they initially consider important.   It is almost as if they are looking for any motivation for the attack other than radical Islam.  When no ties can be found to ISIS or other organized terrorist groups the act is often  not considered to be a terror attack. 

In this report Rachel Maddow explores the way the ISIS terrorist organization encourages attacks on western civilian targets by followers who act independently and are not given specific orders. ISIS gives a general order for their followers in the West to not come to the Middle East to join ISIS on the battlefield but tells them to commit terrorist attacks on the infidels where they are.  ISIS says do not ask permission or coordinate with us; just do it.  They also say hit soft targets; that does more to spread terror than hitting military or hardened targets. ISIS also tells their followers to make it know they are doing it as an act of Jihad and are loyal to ISIS. Maddow does a great job of laying all of this out.

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