Monday, June 27, 2016

We cannot, under any circumstances, afford to lose the House.

I doubt I am going to vote for Trump.  The one reason I may, if I do, is that I do not want Hillary picking the next Supreme Court Justice. There are many reasons I could never vote for Hillary. My primary reasons why I probably won't vote for Trump is that he may start a world wide trade war, may actually deport 11 million Mexicans which would  be a humanitarian crisis and could destabilize Mexico, may allow the U.S. to default on our debt which could cause a major world wide depression which in addition to suffering and starvation could destabilize nations and disrupt the balance of power to our disadvantage. The minor reasons I am not likely to vote for Trump is that he is an offensive, crude, bombastic, egomaniac, bully. He still could persuade me to vote for him, but he would have a lot of persuading to do.

Should Hillary be elected she would most likely serve only one term.  If she wins and Republicans can hold the Senate and the House, we can mitigate the damage she can do. Realistically however, if she wins, Democrats probably retake the Senate for at least the first two years.  If we can keep the win below 60 seats however, we can still do a lot to mitigate her mischief and frustrate her policies, if we can hold the House.  We must hold the House!

I am not sure how I am going to vote or if I am going to vote for president. I am responding to this appeals to hold the House however. If you are going to vote for Trump or not, please join me in trying to save the House.

Ted Cruz

Rod --

It's easy to get distracted by the non-stop coverage of the presidential election, but we must not overlook those up for election to Congress.

We cannot, under any circumstances, afford to lose the House.

If we do, there won't be anything stopping Nancy Pelosi and her liberal allies from trampling all over your constitutional rights.

That's why I'm personally asking you to join me in supporting House Conservatives as they fight for the principles that you and I share.

Pitch in $27 Immediately >>>

Pitch in $75 Immediately >>>

Pitch in $147 Immediately >>>

Pitch in $247 Immediately >>>

The stakes are high: Thursday marks the critical FEC second quarter deadline.

Will you join me in standing to protect our House majority and defeat Obama's liberallegacy?

Rod, because your support is so important at this critical hour, every contribution made before the deadline will be TRIPLE MATCHED.  

We need strong conservatives elected nationwide -- and we can only getthere with help from patriots like you.

For Liberty,

Senator Ted Cruz

P.S. Here's a safe & secure link to donate online right now:

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