Thursday, July 21, 2016

Join me in supporting Brian Kelsey for Congress

Brian Kelsey
In the U. S. 8th Congressional District of Tennessee I am supporting Brian Kelsey for Congress.  He is running for the seat being vacated by Representative Stephen Fincher who in February announced he would not be seeking re-election for a fourth term. Fincher who won the seat in 2010 did not give a  specific reason for not seeking reelections simply saying, "I never intended to become a career politician. .... I will be returning to Frog Jump and my family and business, but intend to stay involved to the extent I can." 

While I hate that that decision opens the seat up for possibly being retaken by a Democrat, it is refreshing that someone leaves the private sector to serve in Congress for a few years and then returns to the private sector. I think that is the way the founding father intended things to work.

I have not studied all of the candidates seeking this office but I am familiar with Brian Kelsey's record representing the Tennessee 31st Senatorial district. He has been a solid common sense conservative.  Last year while attending the American for Prosperity event in Cleveland, I traveled on the bus with Brian and also spend some time one evening talking politics and issues with him and a few other people. He is smart, thoughtful, well-grounded  and just a likeable nice guy.  

With 2016 shaping up to perhaps not being a good year for Republicans, there is some doubt that Republicans can hold all of the gains they made in 2010.  Someone who has already held public office and already has name recognition will more likely have a chance at holding that Congressional seat than a challenger who has never held public office. For a list off all of the candidates running for that seat in both parties and to learn more about the candidates and the district visit Ballopedia at this link

In addition to liking Brain Kelsey and thinking he has the best chance at keeping the seat in Republican hands, these are other reasons for supporting Brian Kelsey taken from his website:
Please join me in making a contribution to the Brian Kelsey campaign at this link.

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