Friday, July 8, 2016

Somebody needs to stop me before I jump on the Trump bandwagon!

Last night I watched the House hearings questioning FBI Director James Comey on the decision not to indite Hillary Clinton. As I watched my disgust and anger grew. Somebody now needs to stop me before I jump on the Trump bandwagon!

I still think Trump is a danger to the Republic, most fearful he may start trade wars and fearful that he may do something stupid like default on the national debt or really try to deport 12 million Mexicans. I still think he is an ill-mannered, egotistical, bully with unknown political views and unfit to be president. It is not that I think any better of Trump, but I am so outraged at the thought of Hillary becoming president, that I would almost rather pull a random name from a hat to be president rather than trust Hillary. 

I am outraged at the long list of Clinton scandals. I am outraged she mixed her private, Clinton Foundation, and State Department email on an unsecured server and then when the emails were subpoenaed she deleted 30,000 of them! Any normal citizen who destroyed evidence in that fashion would be in jail. She showed reckless disregardful for the security of our country and destroyed evidence. She has contempt for our nation's security and the rule of law. I am outraged she got by with it. Nixon did nothing coming close to her criminality. 

I wish we had a better alternative than Trump, but I may prefer to risk reckless rude Trump than put the country in the hands lying criminal Hillary.

It is clear that she mishandled classified information and it is clear she destroyed evidence and she has gotten by with it. That she got by with it is the real crime and that her supporters don't give a damn is the real outrage. This should not be the end of it, however.  It is crime to lie to Congress.  The House should ask the FBI to open criminal investigation into allegations that Hillary Clinton lied to Congress.  Unfortunately, It may not matter.  I have the feeling that the fix is in and Clinton will get a free pass from the Obama Justice Department no matter what she does.  Clinton probably sealed the deal on that private airplane in Arizona. The Obama administration has demonstrated it's contempt for the Constitution and the rule of law.  The vast federal bureaucracy is only a tool for handing out favors and punishing enemies. The rule of law is dead.

If charges had been brought against Clinton for the mishandling of classified material and destruction of evidence, then most likely she would have withdrawn from the race for President and the nomination would have most likely fallen to Joe Biden.  For those who want Trump to be president, what happened with Hillary is probably not a bad outcome. Trump probably has a better chance against Hillary than he would Joe Biden.  While in a normal election year I would have agree that this was a good outcome, I really do not want a Trump presidency.  In a choice between Trump and Biden, I could have reluctantly welcomed a Biden presidency.  Justice should have been served and Hillary should have been indited.

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