Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Vandy pays $1.2M to rename Confederate Hall

The Daughters of the Confederacy is going to get a windfall of $1.2 million from Vanderbilt University as payment for allowing Vandy to change the name of Confederate Hall. The Daughters of the Confederacy contributed the sum of $50,0000 in 1933 to build the building and there was a stipulation that it be named "Confederate Hall" and that name is in a stone mantel over the door. The $1.2M sum is today's equivalent of the $50,000 the  Daughters of the Confederacy paid back in1933.

$1.2 million will allow the Daughters of the Confederacy to do a lot to keep alive the memory and to honor the southern civil war dead.  Instead of paying off the Daughters of the Confederacy in order to scrub history, Vanderbilt could have used the $1.2million to provide scholarships to disadvantaged African-American students. $1.2 million is a lot of money to pay so students will not be traumatized by seeing the word "confederate."

The next time alumni get a solicitation from Vanderbilt to contribute to their alma marta, maybe they should ask themselves if Vanderbilt University is a good steward of their charitable giving.

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