Monday, October 3, 2016

First Tuesday guest for Oct. 10th is Congressman Phil Roe

Congressman Phil Roe
From Tim Skow:

1ST TUESDAY Members and friends

The 1st of the three Presidential Debates is a week away. Election Day on November 8th is a mere 7 weeks away! Between those 2 dates will be 2 insightful and powerful 1ST TUESDAY gatherings that are MUST SEE EVENTS !

Congressman Phil Roe, MD [TN-1] visits 1ST TUESDAY on Monday, October 10th. His TN-1 District boarders the battleground states of NC and VA. His Congressional committee duties provide Dr. Roe behind the scenes insights into the unraveling of Obamacare. As a TN doctor, he grasps the dire financial situation of the TN Healthcare Exchange.... If you missed it, 2017 premiums are going up 40% to 62% in TN !!!

Battleground states news and political insights! The latest ''Obamacare unraveling'' news! Impacts of Obamacare premiums soaring as Nov 8th arrives!

What if Trump wins? ...... What if Hillary wins? … AND MORE!

Monday, October 10th is a MUST SEE event ! Doors at Waller Law open at 11am. Lunch is $20 for 2016 Members / $25 for Guests. Program at NOON sharp! Expect this event to be a sellout ! Secure seating for you and guests at and click on ‘’Join Us’’.

SAVE THE DATES for these additional events ... details follow:

* SEPT 28th event featuring Alberto Gonzales book signing event at Waller Law
* OCT 12th event featuring Marsha Blackburn on behalf on Nashville candidates
* NOV 1st event featuring John Ryder return to 1ST TUESDAY with polling data

Invite those you know and secure your seats while they last for Monday, October 10th. Hope to see you SEPT 28th .... OCT 10th.... OCT 12th .... and NOV 1st !

Tim Skow

PS -- MARSHA BLACKBURN is doing an event for Nashville's Legislative candidates on WEDNESDAY, OCT 12th at the Sugartree Clubhouse on Woodmont Blvd. Look for your invite this week. Those bringing at least a $100 for their favorite candidate will have their 2017 dues for 1ST TUESDAY waived !!

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