Tuesday, September 20, 2016

How do American Muslims view Sharia Law and American values?

Filmmaker Ami Horowitz was alarmed by the growing number of Somali Americans living in Minneapolis who have joined up with the Islamist-terror groups ISIS and al-Shabaab. So he recently traveled to that city to speak with members of the community about how much American values resonated with them, their feelings about sharia law and terrorism, and whether they’d prefer to live in Somalia or America. Their answers were revealing.

It is easier to not see nuisances and complexities when dealing with controversial issue. When it comes to Muslim immigrants there are two prevailing points of view.  One view is that we must be welcoming and assume that Muslims will assimilate and that it is wrong to question their loyalty.  All religions are equally of value and ones religion is unimportant. To question this assumption is pure bigotry.

The other point of view is that Islam is fundamentally incompatible with American society and values and that all Muslims are terrorist in waiting and that we should ban Muslim immigration and that it is suicidal to welcome followers of this foreign ideology to settle among us.

I thought that the local opposition to a mosque being built in Mufressboro displayed a lot of pure bigotry, ignorance and nastiness.  On the other hand, I do not think all concern about Muslim immigration is unfounded. While one video may not be the final word on the issue and one does not know how representative the people interviewed in this video are of Muslim immigrant opinion it would be foolish to not recognize that the views expressed in the above video are representative of a significant number of Muslim immigrants.

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