Saturday, September 24, 2016

Join me in signing the petition demanding the NFL require players to stand for the National Anthem

Dear Rodney,
We are working with our friends at S.T.A.N.D on a very important petition demanding the NFL
require players to stand for the National Anthem and show respect to our nation’s Flag.
The National Basketball League requires their players to stand but yet the National Football doesn’t. You will not see the disrespect Kaepernick has shown with players among any other sport and you will not see it among student athletes.
Please take this patriotic stand with us. Sign our petition asking the NFL to require players to stand during the National Anthem.
Kaepernick’s means of protesting is an insult to our nation as a whole. By not standing for the flag, he is protesting all of the sacrifices made (before) 1776 until now.
I come from a very patriotic family. I was raised to respect our flag, our country, our national anthem, and the men and women who serve and served before them.
Our nation is not perfect and has errored many times. And, despite strongly disagreeing with many of our current national policies – the death of 1,616 unborn babies today alone, same-sex marriage in all 50 states, teaching our children the LGBT agenda in schools and exporting the same agenda to other countries, and a list that could go on for daysI will always stand at attention to the flag during our Pledge of Allegiance and our National Anthem and even God Bless America. Hand over heart each time.
I respect the foundation our nation was built on, with the help of God as he led many of our founding father. I respect my Grandfather who served as a Frogman in WWII, and my other Grandfather who served in Korea, and also my brother who just spent 8 years overseas post 9/11. I respect firefighters, police officers, and our other first responders. These folks gain nothing to give everything. The least I can do and the very least NFL players can do is honor them and the nation they help build.
As you know, I pledge to use my voice to bring change in the areas I disagree with. You hear from me many times each week. I don’t have millions like Colin Kaepernick, but I still hound my politicians and I still show up at Congress for big votes. I try to do my part.
I am offended. My grandfather is offended. My brother is offended. The Santa Barbara Police Officer’s Association is beyond offended, rather irate.  
If you are like me and feel the NFL should require their employees to stand during the National Anthem, please take a moment and sign this petition.
It is more than my personal story or how Kaepernick’s disrespect flat out disturbs me. There are many other reasons why the NFL should require players to stand.
There is no freedom of speech for an NFL football player. Dallas Cowboys attempted to wear stickers on their helmets to show support for the fallen police officers of their city, the NFL stopped them. New York Giant’s players were fined for wearing shows and/or socks that honor victims of 9/11 on 9/11. If a NFL player or coach speaks negatively about a referee, that player or coach is fined or suspended.
Not to mention Kaepernick’s disrespect has caused division among players in the locker room and damages the NFL league brand.
Please take a moment to sign our petition now.
Thank you,
Gregory Mertz and the entire CitizenGO team
CitizenGO is a community of active citizens that seeks to defend life, the family and fundamental rights worldwide. To find out more about CitizenGO click here or follow us on Facebook or Twitter. This message is addressed to If you do not wish to receive emails from CitizenGO, click on this link.
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