Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Rep. Durham's letter to his House colleagues

Rep. Jeremy Durham who was ousted from the House of Representatives yesterday sent an eight-page letter to his House colleagues on Monday in which he defends himself, attacks the women who accused him of sexual misconduct and blasts House leadership for its handling of the investigation. Below is a copy of  that letter.

I do not defend sexual harassment but I am not sure that what Durham did rises to that level.  There is no indication he threatened or coerced  a women into doing anything she did not want to do.  I may be virtually alone in my evaluation of Durham. While I think his behavior was inappropriate and do not think he is a gentleman, I am not convinced that he was treated fairly or that he deserved ouster.  I kind of believe that it "takes two to tango," and that one does not know a sexual advance is unwelcome until it is offered and rejected.  I also suspect that for every powerful man who takes advantage of some helpless women, there is probably a temptress who uses her sexual charm to advance her own interest.

Here is Durham's letter to his House colleagues.

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  1. I think your suspected ratio of harassers to temptresses may be off.