Sunday, September 4, 2016

The main reasons that college costs are so high for everyone—plunging students into decades of debt—is racism.

You can't make this stuff up! Do you know why, according to the reasoning of liberals, college tuition has skyrocketed? Ready? Racism!

I read and other liberal websites so you don't have to.  I want to know how liberals really think. Often I feel liberals and conservatives do not really know how the other sides thinks but only known how their side says the other side thinks. I try to stay informed and read a variety of opinion including left wing opinion like MoveOn. Also, unfortunately, three of my four siblings and their spouses, my mother, and most of my nieces and nephews are liberal so I am exposed to the liberal point of view and should be accustomed to liberal logic by now, but I am still surprised from time to time when I hear a liberal explanation of some event, development or trend. Despite thinking I know how liberals reason, I am still amazed.

Here is an example of what I am talking about. This is an excerpt  from a MoveOn, org email I received today.

What if I told you that one of the main reasons that college costs are so high for everyone—plunging students into decades of debt—is racism?
This year, presidential candidates have called for eliminating tuition and returning to debt-free college—but this is not some wild new idea. Not so long ago, public college was debt-free. It wasn’t magic. It was a common-sense public investment in the nation’s prosperity: enough public money to keep public college tuition low and affordable for all.
In 1970, for example, UCLA tuition and fees were $475, or around $2,900 in today’s dollars.1 Now they stand at over $12,000, because in the last 25 years, states have cut about a quarter out of every dollar in funding for public college, pushing up tuition and forcing students to make up the gap with loans that total a staggering $1.3 trillion dollars.2,3 The student loan crisis has placed an enormous burden on an entire generation, and threatens to drag down our economy.
Why did this happen? Racism. Or more specifically—racism used as a political weapon to undermine the very idea of supporting anything public that might include people of color.
OK, think about that. First, look at the math. They are saying the reason that in today's dollars the tuition a student is charged went from $2,900 to $12,000 is because the government cut the funding to higher education by 25%. So, $12K- $2.9K = $9.1K which equals 25% of the government funding, so government funding = $9.1K x 4 = $36,400. So, what is the real cost of the student tuition without government funding? $36,400 + $2,900 = $39,300.

To double check the math and the logic look at it like this: In today's dollars, in 1970 the real cost of tuition in the absence of government funding was $39,300. The government funding of $36,400 left the student paying $2900. Today, the cost is still $39,300 but the government only funds $27,300 leaving the student paying $12,000. 

Do people really believe that?  Liberals are just not very good at math or logic or telling the truth.  Do they not know that the cost of college education really has gone up? It has. To blame the increase of student tuition on a decrease in government funding is just false. In constant dollars, government is funding more then they did in 1970. This is known; it is verifiable.

Could the increase in tuition have anything to do with the fact that students loans are easy to get and guaranteed?  No, it has got to be racism. Could it have anything to do with students not being smart  consumers of education and doing a little cost-benefit analysis before they enroll or before they pick worthless majors? No, it has got to be racism. Could it have anything to do with students going to college unprepared and stuck taking remedial courses? No, it has got to be racism.  Could it have anything to do with more students going to college in America than ever before? No, it is due to Racism. Could it have anything to do with a greedy crony system that pays teachers to be on staff  but not actually teach much, if at all? No, it has got to be racism.

OK, now look at the logic of  blaming racism.  To punish Black people, the people in charge raise tuition and cut  government funding to punish everyone because in the process of hurting everyone, they will hurt Black people.  Come on, people; do you really believe that?

The example MoveOn gave is the state of California, perhaps the most liberal state in the nation. The governor of California is Moonbeam Jerry Brown. So, they are telling me that Jerry Brown and the politicians elected to office in California are racist? Not only are we to believe that the elected officials and the electorate of California are racist, we are to believe they are so racist that they would punish a lot of white people just for the opportunity to punish a few Black people. Who is buying this?

OK, I have another one for you, thinking like a liberal.  Why are our highways in such a state of disrepair? (Actually in Tennessee and Texas and a few other places the roads are in pretty good shape, but in most states they are in bad need of repair.) Our roads are in bad need of repair due to racism.  Black people will bust tires, knock their car out of alignment, and generally have more ware and tear on their cars than they would if roads were in a good state of repair.  Yes, everyone one else will have the same damage to their car as Black people but it will be worth it to cause Black people financial harm.

I know I have a philosophical difference of opinion with liberals, but please tell me most liberals would repudiate this example of liberal logic. Do liberals really think like this?

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