Tuesday, January 10, 2017

1st Tuesday to meet Wed. Jan. 11th. Guest speaker is Gen. Max Haston.

From Tim Skow:

Happy NEW YEAR to all 1ST TUESDAY Attendees !!! 
LOTS is going on these days!! Winning elections causes that! :-) 

Last month at their Christmas event, the Nashville Republican Women announced that 1ST TUESDAY members contributed over $2,000 in cash ...[AND toys too]... to this year's Tennessee National Guard toy fund drive! Again, my thanks to everyone who helped! 

Gen. Max Haston
Before lunch, Major General Max Haston addressed those attending the NRW event. Major General Haston [2-stars] is the Tennessee Adjutant General. He commands the constant litany of worldwide missions currently being performed by the TN National Guard. [TNNG] It was inspiring to learn some of what the TNNG was doing in 2016. Be it: 
  • guiding drones from TN, ''and getting the bad guys'' in Middle East hot spots
  • joint troop exercises near the boarders of Russia 
  • tornado disaster recovery in 5 TN counties 
  • having 100's of TNNG troops engaged in the fires around Gattlinburg  
  • AND... much much much more! 
Major General Haston is a remarkable man with an incredible story. His story includes knowing some at the forefront of the new Trump administration. What a Q&A session we will have! On WEDNESDAY, Jan. 11th [yes, a Wednesday for the 1st time ever]... Major General Haston is speaking at 1ST TUESDAY! 

There will be pictures of joy from toys thanks to contributions from 1ST TUESDAY members. There will also be a behind-the-curtain look at the fascinating role the TNNG plays in TN.... and around the world! Major General Haston is bringing an official photographer and arriving at 11:00am. Those who have pre-paid for lunch ... [and 2017 dues] are invited to come early, get a picture and chat with the notable leader of our TNNG! Secure you seats ...[and take care of 2017 dues if need be] at the 1ST TUESDAY website: http://www.1sttuesdaynashville.com.  Click on ''Join Us'' to reach the icons to pre-pay for a Member's lunch [and dues]. [or send checks to 1ST TUESDAY to my attention at Box 1233, B-wood TN 37024] 

Expect some MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENTS ... and some notable guests! [the TN Legislature opens Jan 10th... you just never know who may show up! ] 

Invite your friends, for this will be a stirring event ! 
Until then, continue to make it a memorable HAPPY NEW YEAR! 
See you on WEDNESDAY, Jan. 11th, 2017.... if not before! 

Tim Skow 

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