Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Latinos for Tennessee PAC Endorses Bill to Cut State Funding for Sanctuary Cities

Press release, Nashville, Tennessee - In the absence of permanent and broad immigration reform, the Latinos for Tennessee PAC, a statewide organization committed to advancing and promoting faith, family, liberty and fiscal responsibility issued a statement in support of Tennessee State Senator Mark Green's (R-Clarksville.) legislation that will make sanctuary cities - cities, localities and municipalities that ignore and disregard federal immigration law - ineligible for state funds.

Raul Lopez, the Executive Director for the Latinos for Tennessee PAC, issued the following statement expressing the organization's support for the Senator Green's legislation:

"The rule of law is one of the central underpinnings in any fair, free and secure society. To ignore or violate the rule of law, is to invite lawlessness and disorder," said Lopez.

"While Latinos for Tennessee remains committed to supporting immigrant communities and increased immigration to the United States, Senator Green is doing the right thing by calling on sanctuary cities to enforce our current federal immigration laws, or lose state funding. We thank Senator Green for his leadership to ensure that our country remains a country of laws and a country of immigrants," Lopez concluded.

For more information about Latinos for Tennessee, please visit our site and Facebook page.

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