Monday, June 5, 2017

Randy Boyd is guest speaker at 1st Tuesday

From Tim Skow:

1ST TUESDAY Members and Guest

The ''PARADE of ANNOUNCEMENTS'' to become the 2018 Republican nominee for Governor is now in full swing. The 1st ''Officially Announced Candidate'' to visit 1ST TUESDAY will be the formidable contender, Mr. Randy Boyd of Knoxville.

Randy Boyd
Mr. Boyd is a compelling candidate compelling story. His campaign bio is attached. Mr. Boyd has launched a compelling campaign as well. Over $1,200,000 was raised at his kick-off event. His campaign leadership includes Alice Rolli who lead Sen. Alexander's re-election and former TN State Republican Party Chairman Chip Saltsman. In short, Mr. Boyd is a serious contender with a serious campaign.

Our 1ST TUESDAY event on June 6th is your opportunity to get know Mr. Boyd and engage him in the extended Q&A session that 1ST TUESDAY in known for across Tennessee. Doors at Waller Law [511 Union St. - 27th floor] open at 11am. Our event is $20 for Members and $25 for Guests. Lunch is at 11:30. Program starts at Noon with the group Q&A session concluding at 1:00pm sharp. Mr. Boyd will remain for a while for those who wish to speak with him once our event concludes.

Secure your seating at our website ... 1st Tuesday Nashville and click on ''Join Us''. The ''Guest Icon'' is expected to be working this week, but if it gives you trouble please use the ''Dues Icon''. REMEMBER - parking under the building at 511 Union is on $7 for 2hrs!

May this Memorial Day be a Memory Maker for you and those close to you. Looking forward to seeing MANY of you on Tuesday, June 6th!

Tim Skow
My Comment:  First Tuesday meeting are always stimulating and interesting. Previous speakers have included former Speaker  Newt Gringrich, Senator Rand Paul, Senator Bob Corker, Senator Lamar Alexander, Governor Bill Haslam, former Attorney General Alberto Gonzales, various candidates for governor, candidates for Senate, candidates for mayor, Davidson County Sheriff, Metro Chief of Police, Director of Schools, Executive Director of the Chamber of Commerce, policy wonks, political activist, state legislators and more.

In addition to hearing a good speaker, the food is pretty good for a catered meal.  Also, 1st Tuesday is a great way to network and interact with other informed and engaged conservatives.  At $20 a meal and an annual membership fee of $25, it is really an affordable bargain.

I know downtown parking can be a hassle. I normally park at the downtown library and get my parking ticket stamped so parking is usually $5 or less. Occasionally, I have to ride around the garage a few times to find a palace as someone else leaves, but only once in about seven years of attending 1st Tuesday could I not find a place. This is mentioned as an alternative to parking beneath 511 Union, which is a bargain but sometimes all of their spaces are taken. The library garage is only a block and a half from 511 Union.

If you have never attended, please do.  I am sure you will enjoy it. Rod Williams

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